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Documents Required For Minor Applicants

Documents Required For Minor Applicants (Your Daughters and Sons)

Those whose age is below 18 year will come under minor category

A 1 month baby is also required to have a passport which is considered as minor  child

the following are the required documents to get the passport for minor

1.Either of the parents should have a valid passport (with spouse name endorsed).No need of both the parents to have the passport any one with valid passport is enough to apply a passport for minor

2.Passport application of minor in consent of both the parents "Annexure H " should be completely filled and submitted with the both the parents attestation.

The "Annexure H" is used by the legal Guardian and also single parent(on parenet deceased) for applying fresh passport for minor

If  both the parents are not giving consent then "Annexure G" has to be submitted by the parent who is applying passport for minor

The parents who are separated but not divorced can us "Annexure C " for applying passport for minor 

Documents Required for Applying the Passport

Note :These are the documents,which are required by every individual(Those who are educated) the documents may differ for different categories of individuals,they are listed separately

The default documents are as follows :

1. Present Address Proof :

(The following are the list of documents that are accepted as present address proof)

A.   Electrical Bill

B.   Telephone Bill (Land line or postpaid mobile bill)

C.   Water Bill

D.   One year statement (with transactions)/Passbook of running bank account (Scheduled Commercial bank excluding Regional Rural banks and local area banks)

E.    Income Tax Assessment Order

F.   Election Commission Photo ID card

G.  Proof of Gas Connection

H.  Certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head

I.    Spouse's passport copy (First and last page including family details), (provided the applicant's present address matches the address mentioned in the spouses passport)

J.   Applicant's current and valid ration card

K. Parent's passport copy, in case of minors(First and last page)

Note (For Document No. 1, 2, and 3) : Atleast 2 bills are required - One bill should of be of last year and the other bill of current year.

Note (For Document No. 8) : Only public limited companies can give address proof on company letter head along with seal. 
Computerized print-outs shall not be entertained.

Note (For Document No. 10) : If any applicant submits only ration card as proof of address, it should be accompanied by 

one more proof of address out of the given categories.

2.Date of Birth (DOB)

Note :- The following are the documents accepted as the date of birth proof by the passport authority of India for those who had there date of birth before 26/01/1989

A. Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authority or any office authorized to issue Birth and Death Certificate by the Registrar of Births & Deaths

B. School leaving certificate / Secondary School leaving certificate/ Certificate of Recognized Boards from the school last attended by the applicant or any other recognized educational institution

C. Affidavit sworn before a Magistrate/Notary stating date/place of birth as per the specimen in Annexure 'A' by illiterate or semi-illiterate applicants (Less than 5th class).

Note :- Those who born After 26/01/1989

A. Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authority or any office authorized to issue Birth and Death Certificate by the Registrar of Births & Deaths

How to apply for passport

What to apply a fresh passport in a short time?Don't worry we are with you The following are the simple steps to apply a fresh passport by us

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Step 5 :- The next thing u have do is ,you have to go to the respective passport seva kendra,as per the appointment schedule and submit your original as well as one set of xerox copies of the documents with self attested on them (we will also guide u,about the required documents that are  accepted at the passport office as per your personal profile ).

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